the ice breaker

Posted on: September 13, 2008

pic copyrighted hanleadova

pic by hanleadova

*Tap* Tap* “Uhm… Mic check 1, 2?”

Breathe in… breathe out…

“Hello dedicated followers of Peepshow, my name’s Fadil Aris. I’m the latest addition to the band, I play the bass. Just thought I’d introduce myself now that I’m a little more confident up on stage although Zaki did a great job of putting the spotlight on me that night at Baybeats 2008, so thanks man. But maybe you guys’d like to know a little more about how I came to join the band.

Uhm, funny thing, Mik sms-ed me this one morning in May saying that his band was gonna perform later that day at Zhenghua Community Centre and that I should drop by. So I did and boy you should have seen the crowd turn-out! If I threw, a.. a.. drum set up into the air from where I was sitting, all 6 toms would have landed on an empty chair. So, I was really happy to see Mik and Ed, cos I had’nt seen em in ages. We go way back see.. since secondary school. They’re way smarter than I am though so don’t.. uhm dont judge em based on your contact with me. But i digress.

Well, anyway, I’m totally lost when it comes to the subject of “our local music scene”, although I do follow seasoned cover bands like the UnXpected and Energy – so I never really had a chance to support em before that day. But what I heard really had me sitting up. Their songs sounded good, despite running sans bassist! And their guitarist! Now he’s something else. I gushed like a school girl after their show and I bought their EP.

And Mik said, “Why don’t you come play for us?” So I said “SURE.”

And then I had to rush off for the Click 5 concert – they’re good by the way, its all the record labels fault for selling them as a mickey mouse band – and the rest as they say, with a sordid cliché, is history.”

– this is a live transcript off the author’s sell-out gig that happened in his dreams a few days ago.


1 Response to "the ice breaker"

hey fad,

just dropping by to say hi 🙂
thought i saw you in an article in NTU chronicle,
so went online and checked you guys out on
myspace and it was indeed you!
you guys are good!
it’s been a while, don’t know if you remember me though..

– shal

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