Posted on: January 1, 2009

Hi I know I joked before in my previous post about me leaving the band.  This post is serious. So please take your time and read. Thank you.


Mik will not be with us anymore (for real) due to his inability to contribute to the band. In his own words, this is what he said to me:

” I …arrrgghhh….you see Zaki…I don’t feel good anymore…nowadays the music we are playing is not my kind of music…”

In other words, he can’t adapt just like dinosaur. We would like to say thank you for your so called “guitar-playing” with us. What better way to show our appreciation than to post a photo of you. No hard feelings eh 🙂

Just a few updates: I’v consulted Mik with regards to this post. We love him lor!




7 Responses to "Sayonara~"

you guys were in a band for 3 years. the least you could do is to be gracious. i’ve heard from a reliable source that he was the one who organised all the gigs and liaised with people. no thanks for that too? everyone played a part in the success of the band.
if you leave the band, would you be happy seeing your band members thank you for your “singing”? i’m not sure if you would like to portray an image like this to your fans.

i’m neutral towards all the band members btw. and you know me. i’m not angry, but it’s inappropriate.

think about it.

Dear Jamie,

Thank you for your comment. But in order to avoid a misunderstanding between you and us, here are some of the facts I would like to share with you

FYI I’ve consulted Mik with regards to the post above. We had a laugh about it. All of us care alot for him and we didn’t even try to bring him down. In fact, we’re organasing a barberque just to show our appreciation for his time with us.

“i’ve heard from a reliable source that he was the one who organised all the gigs and liaised with people. no thanks for that too?”

Whoever your source is, they don’t know the us that well and you should fire him/her! 🙂

If you need to know more feel free to contact any of us staright and not through someone who claimed to hear or knw about us.

Zaki Razali

hoho its someone very close to you, one of your members. maybe he told me a different story then.

anyway, from an outsider’s view, the post just seems very childish. it’s not the right way to put across the news of a member’s departure. but since you have clarified that it’s just in jest and both are aware, then of course you’re fine to do what you want.

again, i’m not siding with anyone. fresh start for the band, i suppose?

hmm. if this is final, then i’m sorry to hear about the news.

hope things turn out the way you guys want them to…

I think I should set things clear… Or at least a bit clearer.
I asked Zaki to post this to inform everyone that we’re leaving. Sorry that it seemed a bit harsh, but it’s true that I’m leaving the band. We didn’t want to make it seem so plain. And hey, it did generate a lot of commotion over the last few days, so I think it worked. As for the gigs part, everyone puts in the effort to source for shows, and even without me around, PeepShow will definitely be playing on.
If you know us well, this is actually very funny, especially if you can read the star part of the picture. Like Zaki said, he was not kidding about me leaving. Problem is, that was the only line that was true. Haha…

Hi yr band music is quite decent. I will see if I can promote u guys by posting up yr videos on my blog.

Just doing a bit on my part as a Singaporean supporting gd music in the local music scene. U might want to send a few sound samples of yr best song in yr EP release to me so that I can put it on my blog.

Do u guys have the lyrics for Come Back To Me and Special Someone??? These songs are pretty nice.


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