They’ve come a long way from being a garage band to becoming musicians and entertainers in their own right. It all started with simple jam sessions and playing covers, but they soon realized that they have a gift; a gift to make good music. In 2005, the boys decided to join a band competition titled Youth Alive 2005 and organized by Music For Good and emerged as champions among the 20 other bands.

You will notice that none of them are school trained. Each and every member of the band came from separate musical and performing backgrounds. The boys took it upon themselves to improve their craft in both musicianship and showmanship by practicing diligently. Zaki remembers, “I think it made a massive difference to us. At 17 I’d been performing at weddings where I’d have to read the crowd straight away, quickly pick a set list, and within 40-45 minutes have everyone on their feet and clapping to the music. It teaches you to work a room. If you look at our shows, they are so theatrical; it’s almost in cabaret in a way. Those shows are a product of our hard work.”

They called themselves Peepshow (“the best of a bad bunch of ideas” says SK, but it could have been worse – the first idea was “Project K”) and spent few months gigging with a few covers and some of our own compositions. “We learned our trade over a couple of months that way,” SK reflecting on our music back then. “Nowadays, we plan in advance, taking steps to play songs that are suitable to the venue we are performing, so that the audience will have a memorable experience with us.”

What happened next has become black mark in their young musical history. In early 2006 Zaki, who had been growing frustrated with his life in PeepShow, infamously went MIA and then left the band. Mik, Heng Boon, SK and Edmund continued as a four piece band, with the relationship between Mik and Zaki being particularly fraught.

Although they remained in touch with each other, the four boys went on to recruit a female singer, Joanne. With a new singer, they continue to impress the local music scene with strings of gig at the the M.O.S, Gas Haus and other interesting places too. Good times were short lived. Unfortunately, Joanne was unable to commit to the band full time as her heavy work commitments left her no time for the band. Zaki asked SK if he could help them for a show that marked their 1st Anniversary as a band and to his amazement, they agreed.

No one was more surprised by all this than the band members themselves. “I thought most people had moved on with their lives,” says Edmund. “It’s hard to imagine how far we’ve come since we started. We’ve grown in confidence and that really helps our stage performances.”

By the mid of 2006, they boys were back in full force, working harder than before trying to get as many people to notice them. Wiser and more mature, they were able to secure performances at places such as Hard Rock Cafe, Esplanade, Youth Park, Fort Canning & a whole lot more.

Heng Boon regrettably left the band in February 2007 due to work commitments and a sense of deja vu lingers on their mind. But by April 2007, Samuel joined the band, adding a new dimension to the music that the band creates.

We have watched PeepShow grow from strength to strength; something about their frankness has always seemed to invite us into their world, and of course we have ourselves grown fond of their music.

Upon the release of their self titled debut EP in May 2008, they have attained a raved review through the local radio and press. They have also been selected to showcase their talent at BAYBEATS, Singapore’s own local annual indie music festival

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