Thank you for being a good friend to us! We’ re going to miss you as much as we miss Ed. For all the PeepShow fans out there, our next gig will be on the 21st Feb @ Haji Lane for SUP Clothing anniversary  party! See you soon!!fadil-large

We will be one of the 3 bands who will endorsed the product by WIME? ( A viral company) The other two bands are The Great Spy Experiment and Electrico. Thank you Alvin for the friendship and also the chance to work together.

Fadil will be leaving to Australia for his further studies on the 2nd of Feb and if you have  sweet messages for him, just drop us your comments 🙂

Ouh, out of randomness, I took part in 987Fm Don’t forget the lyrics competition yesterday after work. This week theme is all about the band, Take That. To cut the story short, I WON!! lol! I sang Back For Good and lucky for me I got the lyrics right. The last time I heard that song was a long time ago in a galxy far far away

Feb will be a good time to release “Come Back To me” on 987Fm.  So do look out for that 🙂


The best has yet to come

We had a farewell BBQ party for Mik, Fadil and Edmund at East Coast Park yesterday. Thank you for those for came down 🙂

Hi I know I joked before in my previous post about me leaving the band.  This post is serious. So please take your time and read. Thank you.


Mik will not be with us anymore (for real) due to his inability to contribute to the band. In his own words, this is what he said to me:

” I …arrrgghhh….you see Zaki…I don’t feel good anymore…nowadays the music we are playing is not my kind of music…”

In other words, he can’t adapt just like dinosaur. We would like to say thank you for your so called “guitar-playing” with us. What better way to show our appreciation than to post a photo of you. No hard feelings eh 🙂

Just a few updates: I’v consulted Mik with regards to this post. We love him lor!



Fadil has a new fan!

“We’re your huge fans from Jakarta.
We fell in love with you on your performance at Esplanade Dec 27.2008 with your messy face. Hope you’ll come back on stage after your overseas graduation. Ganbatte kudasai ne…”

Thank you for your support. Pls drop us a an email  at with aphoto of yourself  so that we know who you are 🙂

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