White flag on a red mountain

Posted on: August 25, 2008

White flag on the red mountain

*Verse 1
I see your face
Hiding behind the walls
I could feel your pain
Tattooed into my soul
Just try to let it go
Breathe in deep within me
I want you to see
The world through my eyes






Would that make me feel alright?



Is such a cliché

Don’t turn your head and walk away from here

*Verse 2
Please I’m begging you
We can end it right away
Why you have to make it worse
Didn’t I told you that you’re cursed
Look inside your soul
Can’t you see that it is dying?
You can’t revolutionize the world
Follow your heart and not your desire

I smell your skin and I know you’re afraid
Of the sins that you did but you know can’t stop
The options are yours but you better beware
For the shadows will come and grant you nightmares

This is our opening song for Baybeats.


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