Don’t worry be happy

Posted on: August 3, 2008

I visit and read the forums at regularly but most of the time I don’t really agree with what members of the website post about. Very biased It’s like “you scratch my back I scratch yours” kinda thing. I talk about you so you must talk about me..errr… S.T.U.P.I.D. Too boost their ego..Don’t get me wrong James (the guy who started the website) It’s just how the music culture here . Sad lah. Instead of supporting other bands, they try their best to find the smallest fault and exploit it.

Our good friend KKJ was the latest victim. Some smarty ass try to question the choice of song that they performed for the finals of POWERJAM08 bla bla bla… read the extract below..

Congrats to KKJ for winning. However I cant help but notice this.

“The band is currently recording its debut album at Snakeweed Studios, and plans to release it by 2009.”

These are just questions, I maybe wrong, but I hope to seek some clarification.

Wasn’t Snakeweed, the official production house, one of the sponsors? There would be money involved to produce another album/EP had either of the other 4 bands won, right?

No offence to KKJ, was there some insider advantage here?

having watched some of KKJ’s (and the other competing bands’) performances on youtube before the finals, they didnt wanna reveal their original cover over the interview, but I predicted that they will perform Umbrella and it turned out to be true. Altho I must admit it was clever on KKJ to ride on the song’s fame and impressed the judges however I’m sure some parts of the audience beg to differ. Umbrella may be stale already to some. Perhaps it will be more respectable to make an unpopular song, popular.

Kudos to Soul Excess, Madhatter, Page and Aurigami for wowing the audience and even KKJ with ur technical abilities. You guys rawkkk!!

Congrats again to KKJ (having hailed from varsity) for the smart song choice and all the best with the post Powerjam activities.

Oh…and was the 1st prize $5K or $50K?

I don’t know this guy even said kudos in the first place! Lame la…To KKJ, just do what you do best. Hatters will always try to bring us down. Like one of the lines from The Suns “Let your love shines through”  Don’t worry Colin, doesn’t mean you have the weakest vocals among the finalist means you cant rock the stage. I think you are way better than me. Honest.

Moving on to another story, as you and I know Singfest is finally over!! But the biggest news of the day is not Alcia Keys, Jason Mraz or One Republic but our very own local bands. Looking at the poster below, some of you might think that it’s a big deal that our local talents are headlining the event. But look again carefully. Some of my sources says that
1) The stage for our local bands are not “garang” as compare to the main stage.
2) Our local talents are not paid
3) The timing for them to perform is ridiculous! (just compare the two posters together and you will get what I mean
4) They are playing to nobody. No offence, but if the organizer really want to promote our local bands, why the double standard? Why not put them on the same stage as the overseas artists?

Christopher Lim from AsiaOne.Com wrote this on his blog “A controlling local interest in a music festival means more than just keeping it glued to Singapore soil. It also affects decisions such as the extent to which local talent is showcased, and how Singapore’s music scene grows or shrinks as a consequence. Foreign investment in music festivals here is also a possible indication that the local market doesn’t have what it takes to sustain events and musicians.”

So my friend, no matter how hard we say that we love to play for free because it’s our passion, I mean no harm but music is business 🙂

P.S Funky Song is now on myspace playlist!


2 Responses to "Don’t worry be happy"

hey you guys are the best la! thank you for speaking up for us… well i guess different people have different views on how music should be portrayed or presented… but with friends like you guys everything negative will not matter at all!

we even found people calling us Super Rich Bastards in their blog! cool shit… it is quite amusing though… but we will definitely accept and consider all their constructive feedbacks! =)

Yo jianping, I think these losers got nothing to do la! heheheh calling you guys names..cheh…

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