Meeting Atiqah

Posted on: July 24, 2008

Mik and I went to do our Baybeats interview at SMU today. It was drizzling when we reached the place. Mik wanted to buy a tshirt at THIS FASHION (wakakaka) but too bad la no size cause they only sell XL. So we headed to 7-Eleven and grab some food and drinks. Kimberly, the event co-coordinator, greeted us and she ushered us into this room which has a lot of doors…I think ther’re at least 4 doors before we reached the studio.  I was surprised to know that one of the DJ’s name is Atiqah! Shoooot!. Upon knowing that was her name, Mik and I burst into laughter. We did our usual tongue and cheek antics and describe to the her that we have a song after her name. She was stunned la! haha! She was expecting a love song, but too bad….. Mik explained to her what’s the song is all about and she started to laugh (awkwardly)

The interview went well with the both of us trying to be ourselves and explained to them why we came up with the name PeepShow, how we get a long as a band, our favourite moment while performing etc. The pod cast will be up in the Baybeats website soon so do listen for it.

Somehow looking back at what we did, I can say that all the hard work in the studio does help for us and watching a lot of Robbie Williams DVD does help a lot for me as I can study how he interact with his audience and work the crowd without much effort. Very professional


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