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Posted on: July 20, 2008

Good day everyone 🙂

We are going to perform at Centrpoint this Sat and this will be our last gig as a band because we need to practice freaking bloody hard for the upcoming Baybeats. Like I mentioned earlier in my previous post, as a band, this event will be another stepping stone for a young band like us.

Do listen to our live radio interview on 938LIVE. I’ll update you with the details soon. In case some of you are not aware, both “I know” & “why” are 2 of our official singles that we have released in the past 2 months. We’ve been getting a good airplay so do request it on all the radio stations. Thank you!!! A lot of you asked me why the radio stations have yet to play “CBTM” (Come Back To ME) Well, let me explain to you. We gave our Ep to most of the radio stations here, we can only tell them which songs that we want to them play and it’s is up to them to choose if they want to air it. We have no control over it. But you do!!! Yes! It’s not hard. Just sms, call or email it to the radio stations and request for the song :))That’s how Rihanna’s Umbrella became one of the hottest song  all over the world..ela..ela…

Here’s the plan: we want you to request CBTM once Baybeats is over. So we are really counting on you.

I mean I’m sure you guys will do a great job right guys?….guys??? (awkward silence)


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