Basic Theory

Posted on: July 14, 2008

Here’s an extract of Chris Martin’s interview in the recent issue of the Rolling Stone magz

In your own efforts to do something for the world, you’ve taken shit for doing things like writing a symbol for fair trade on your hands.
One of our big conversations that we always have in this band is, we don’t see rock & roll as being about coke-taking, leather-trouser-wearing rebellion, because that to us is not rebellion anymore. The spirit of rock & roll is freedom. It’s about following what you believe in and not caring what anyone else says. And if that means writing something on your hand, then you’ve got to write something on your hand. It doesn’t matter if you don’t look as cool as the Ramones — you’re never going to, anyway. So I know that we’ll be ridiculed for this and look stupid for that. But as long as we believe in what we’re doing, we can’t apologize for it.

What was the mood of the band going into your new record?
On our last album, we took a real beating from some people, and by the end we felt like no producer would really want to work with us, basically. We were bigger than we were good — we were very hungry to improve on a basic level. So I asked Brian Eno, “Do you know any producers who could help us to get better as a band?” And he said, “Well, I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet, but I might be the man.”

What was his assessment of the band?
He goes, “Your songs are too long. And you’re too repetitive, and you use the same tricks too much, and big things aren’t necessarily good things, and you use the same sounds too much, and your lyrics are not good enough.” He broke it down.

How did you respond?
You deal with it. You can either sit ’round, look at your platinum discs and say, “Fuck you, you’re all wrong,” or you can go, “OK, he’s probably got a point.” Brian and Markus [Dravs, the co-producer] broke us down in a sort of military boot-camp way. Within 20 minutes, we’d forgotten about any previous record sales.

After reading the interview, I’ve realised that even one of the biggest band in the world needs to sit down and put their feet on the ground. He’s not only humble, he’s honest and able to take criticism. I hope this will article will be an eye opener not only for our band but also to all the aspiring musicians.

I used to be someone that take criticism badly. I will be defensive and blame others but myself. I have a good friend who’s doing well in the music industry. I often share my thoughts and opinions with him. He told me that as a band  we have to stop dreaming and start progressing. Though what he said is like a smack in the face, I’m glad that he said those words as it will motivates me to work harder and make more good music. Looks like we need a producer and someone who can give us a real beating with our music!!! Any takers??


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