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Posted on: June 30, 2008

Hello 🙂

To start things off, we would like to say thank you for reading our blog. It’s been a great pleasure for us sharing our stories, dreams and opinions to all of you. Over the past few months we’ve been getting good reviews about our blog too and we want to thank you for being very supportive towards our music.

You have watched us grow as a band and we believe it is time for us to move on to the next stage. We want to have a proper image as a band and therefore we believe that you can help us. We don’t want to be a band that is only nice to listen to but not nice to look at.

So, We’ve posted some band photos (the ones that you know) that we want you to select for us based on what you think will suit the music that we played. Please be as honest as possible and since wordpress can’t post a poll, we would appreciate it that you could drop us a comment with your choices (I know you like to read, so don’t be shy la!) Oh, if you have an idea what each one of us should and shouldn’t wear, that’s even better!!

Start selecting now!!

Click on the pictures to see clearly lol!


9 Responses to "Band Image"

Simple Plan: YES!


COLDPLAY: Can explore

Incubus: Sama sama as SP right?

Linkin Park: Image too “hard”. Like doesn’t go with your music leh. Plus, Joe Hahn is damn pretentious lah!

Maroon 5: Maybe later stage of your career. Like a bit old-ish. Damn yuppies leh.

My Chem: Hmm…Must have that military pattern though. Although Coldplay is also doing it now.

OneRepublic: TOO MOR! NO!

Aerosmith: Only when you are 50 and still rocking like Mick Jagger. Then can.

more comments please!!! i knw u guys are reading…

Hey there..
Shouldnt you be posting pics of yourself in some getup for US to choose? You shouldnt follow bands who already have their -sort of- “own look”.
Furthermore, you guys should decide what is most comfortable and what YOU like to wear when performing (like mik and his tie? zaki and his brown shirt)
You can decide on a color or an accessory all should have..that kind of thing.
You cannot copy Aerosmith! They are the legend!!

Hi 53, We are not trying to “copy” their looks but more like what we can associate our band with. Come on, its just a rough guide for the band not a must to wear like any of these guys.

Ok, den dun associate yourself with aerosmith.

i will say, coldplay and simple plan


wait, how bout the Klaxons? or MUSE whooaaaa.. the latter being why-did-i-type-it-and-didn’t-bother-to-press-backspace


I dunno.. im just suggesting more lols..

You guys look cool in any threads you guys wear. 1 request, wear leopard thong or tutu or a polar bear outfit. How? Like keep changing. Wear like pakcik2 or uncle2 with those hot crocodile shorts.. 🙂

Alamak bro, if we all wear leopard thong, we kena sue sia!!!! wakakakakak!!

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