Somewhere beyond the sea

Posted on: June 20, 2008

In my personal opinion, I think this 14 yrs old kid is the best street dancer. His name Is George Sampson and he’s so god damn talented. Technically, I think he’s way talented than the kids who danced at the Esplanade underpass every weekends.

Coming from a poor background, George had to dance on the streets in his home town in order to raise money to travel to London for the auditions. He would often be seen in Manchester City Center, attracting large crowds, performing on Market Street. After succeeding through the audition round, George then made it through to the semi-finals, which he nearly missed when he missed his train to London. He eventually reached London the morning of his semi-final.

In 2007, Sampson auditioned during the first round of Britain’s Got Talent. However, despite Simon Cowell’s willingness for him to be moved onto the semi-finals the other judges Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan did not think he was ready for the live stage. Despite this, the experience made him more determined to enter the 2008 auditions by dancing on the streets of Warrington to improve his techniques, and to raise money for his family.

On 2nd June 2008, he won the competition by dancing his heart out. My message to all our breakdancers: Don’t chase the fame, its not worth it. Dance because because you love it and enjoy it while it last

The clip below was taken before he joined “Britain’s Got Talent” competition.

And here’s the performance that made him a crown jewel


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