Dynamic Duo @ Plaza Singapura, Sat 31/5/08, 3.30pm

Posted on: May 29, 2008

The two of us will be at Plaza Singapura for a short showcase (3songs) and we will do a short interview with Radio Pulze, from the NUS and the entire event is brought to you by Singapore Street Festival. There will a fresh line-up, ranging from music to dance, as they showcase their creative talents.

Unfortunately, SK and ED couldn’t join us due to work and school commitment. If you are free on that day, do drop by and say hi to us!

Btw, I’m playing bass for our gig at Zhenghua CC! I’ve been practicing hard la! So if you want to see me singing and playing bass, come and join us on Sun k!




3 Responses to "Dynamic Duo @ Plaza Singapura, Sat 31/5/08, 3.30pm"

chey dah confirm sey.


we happened to be at the cc u guys were playing at.awesome music, great lyrics.
u guys were the one wrong turn we really didnt mind, soo beautiful, unmerciful; it took us down(:

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