Vote for us!!

Posted on: May 28, 2008

Well here’s the story of the day. Gibson is looking out for 08’s Favourite Local Band from the Baybeats Auditions, and a percentage of the votes will be accounted for from a website which they will start soon. Kind of like a MySpace and Facebook page, but the whole idea is to gather all 11 bands on one virtual platform for easy reference for those who visit the Baybeats website. The band with the most number of votes will receive a Gibson bass guitar and an electric guitar worth a total of S$12,000. There are so many talented bands that made it through and I have to say all of them are really good! Do support them and make it the most happening event of the year!!

The guitar will be a good present for SK 🙂

So once we get the details, please! please! vote for us!! Don’t forget to tell your friends too! Thank you for your support. We hope to see you soon

We will start posting an individual video of us going about our everyday life. Its just another way for you to get to know us as a person. Very the MTV haha!





4 Responses to "Vote for us!!"

Sure can win one.. Just make sure you broadcast about this a lot when it comes out. Haha..

ok set! must make sure u vote k! eh btw sat we might have a gig at plaza singapura ard 3 plus. not yet confirm but its a last min showcase and a short intro abt us to the public by some NUS guys. you want to come?

Oooh but not confirmed what. You confirm first ah den I confirm with you.

We will vote for you guys for sure! And…we’ll see you on Sunday. Prepare for the madness cause we will sing all your songs out loud.

Loads of love,

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