Youthtravaganza at Zhenghua CC on 1/6/08

Posted on: May 22, 2008

Around the same time last year, we performed at Zhenghua CC for a Hip Hop dance competition organized by the CC itself. We were told that our slot to perform is when the judges are counting the scores for the participants, very typical for an organizer to to this. The moment our name was mentioned to perform, 99% of the crowds left to take toilet break, smoke and meet up with their friends who had just performed earlier.

It was a learning experience for us as a band that we shouldn’t accept gigs blindly. We did our best to entertain the crowd, but somehow we began to realize that we are at the wrong place and at the wrong time jeng jeng jeng.

This coming June, We’re going to perform at the same place again for a carnival. Phew!

So join us if you are free k! We can meet up and go together!

On the other hand, here’s a clip of us performing at East Coast on July 22nd 2006. I was totally exhausted after singing almost 9 songs so you can hear how bad my singing was

P.S SK’s hair is damn Kurt Cobain!!!


5 Responses to "Youthtravaganza at Zhenghua CC on 1/6/08"

I think you sang as per normal as you do at gigs in the vid. Which means gd (Y) <–msn

nolah! i ran out of breathe during the verse hahah

oh you mean that ending part of the verse where you were singing it differently? I tot you deliberately did it -you know change of style. hahaha..

i wish!! but the place where we performed was was damn humid.

Hi there,
nice blog. Anyway, I’ve been trying to watch you guys several times and something always crops up thus when i saw your gig at zhenghua cc, hmmm…thats like super near choa chu kang from where i reside so what time will it be?

Cheers, thnx

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