Posted on: May 15, 2008

Gothcha! you pervert!!! Hahaha! I am sure you are wondering why i put the title like that. Well, it’s just another way to attract your attention. We’ve been practicing very hard for our upcoming shows. I guess we are the most hardworking band because we practice 3 times a week and up to 4 hours!

We are going to let you download one of our song for free and it’s called “Sweet Sour Lime”
It was recorded during last year New Year’s Eve Countdown at the Esplanade. I’ll post the link on Sat
so do come back and tell every Tom, Dick and Harry about it!!

Got to get some rest now or else I’ll look like Hello Panda when i go to work tomorrow!!!!

Here’s a clip of us practicing for our upcoming show on 17th May.


1 Response to "Naked"

yesterday’s acoustic set was funn~
loving edmund’s ‘the box’. cool sound!
and mik’s dad was so funny la. taking surprise pictures all
till our friend shrieked and hid behind the pillar..

i was just wondering whether the place u guys took this video in is Mik’s studio?
cuz its damn impressive ahh
well its either tt or did u guys like rob a paddle effects store? ;p

definitely a guitarist’s paradise!

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