Be honest :)

Posted on: May 14, 2008

We’ve surprised Mik yesterday. For those who don’t know, today is his birthday! After our normal jamming session that ended around 1120pm, we pretended to ask Edmund to drove us the Bishan mrt station so that we can take the train home. What Mik didn’t know was actually we planned to surprise him at his house! The idea came from Edmund.

When we rang the door bell Mik’s mom opened the door and said “Mik’s not home. Why do you rang the bell?” LOL!!! Then we explained to her of our intention to surprise Mik. We hid in his room and waited for him. I bet Mik didn’t expect us to surprise him. The look on his face was priceless when he opened the door and all of us sang him a birthday song.

Please take a little bit of your time to wish him a happy birthday 🙂

In addition, here’s what we would like you to help us with. You’ve got a copy of our Ep right? Please leave us a comment and tell us what you think about the songs that we’ve selected for the EP, the design and the quality of the sound too. Also, don’t forget to include your favorite track(s) and tell us why you like it. The best HONEST answer will receive a freebies from us!




2 Responses to "Be honest :)"

The songs were well-chosen, I was hoping that sweet-sour lime was in there.
My favourite for now has to be “come back to me”
its really lyrics that people can relate to.
The design was nice, something unexpected and out of the ordinary(which is a good thing)
To sum it all up, the EP is unique and I’m loving it!!!

Hey guys, I am sorry to say that I am a bit disappointed with the EP (I’M SO SORRY *PULLS HAIR OUT*) it is coz the quality of the music doesn’t equate to you guys singing live. The only good ones are ‘I Know’, ‘Come Back to Me’ and maybe ‘Why’.

Firstly, why in Special Someone, you sound lemah semangat? You were pitchy at ‘You’re the honey and I’m the jar’ in the first part. Why didn’t you guys use the one at myspace? It’s your biggest hit song tau! Must be the best song in the EP! T_T I’m gonna get clobbered for this.

I love ‘Funky Song’ but in the cd, there wasn’t enough echo in your voice (which is what I like to listen when I hear you sing this song esp) but the guitar and the rest were too soft far away gitu.. Were you recording seperately? band first den singing? Must be the mic.

The art cover is good. Good job sk. pics of local scenes on a local band’s cd. Nice touch on using the bus services listings for your track listings. Too bad no lyrics given and pics given (hardcopy) on this EP.

About those pics you put into the cd eh, why did you put pics of your friends from myspace? Ader gambar fomfuan fomfuan tau. Nanti org edit edit, letak kat tempat tak senonoh.. Well, unless you get their permisi, shld be ok lah. lolx.

But haiz, the thing is, I support you guys, so this EP here that I bought from you is not enough to give you guys support. I really hope you guys get a big break into the media. Go baybeats!

Sorry for being so lohsoh den in the end say nvm. haha.

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